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Brewery Decaestecker, shortly Deca, was founded around 1880-1890 and destroyed during WW I. The brewer did not just beer, but lemonade.

The house is an eclectic wide house. The brewery was and is in the underlying factory buildings.

The brewery was partly rebuilt after WWI.   with recycled materials. Besides the traditional chiller of approximately 1920 and the stirring barrel of 1850, the company has been fully modernized.


Memory of Jo Christiaens.

The heavy chain collision on the A19 in Zonnebeke Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 also in the beer world demanded a fatality.

He died on Saturday, December 7th in the hospital of Kortrijk, Georges 'Jo' Christiaens from Rollegem.

In 1980 he took over the brewery in Decaestecker Woesten. Together with his son Nicolas, he made brewery Deca a profitable brewery.

At 83 years old he came every day to the brewery. Georges made it his life's work.

Every time we still learned with his knowledge of 50 years in the brewing world.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday: 14h to 18h

On Saturday: 9h to 12h & 13h to 16h30

Orders must be picked up within 10 days.

Tasting room

Every Saturday from 1pm to 6pm.