Papegaei is a blond beer with an alcohol volume of 8%. The beer is light and drinkable has a rich bouquet of aromatic hops. Papegaei is prepared with fresh hop cones, the hops are dried but have not been processed to extract or pellets and therefore retain their natural shape (and taste!). The batter (malt) of Papegaei consists of malted barley, malted wheat and oats.

Papegaei is a high fermentation beer and with secondary fermentation in the bottle. The beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized. Brewed and bottled by Adam Verstraete with the installations of Deca brewery to Woesten.


Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday: 14h to 18h

On Saturday: 9h to 12h & 13h to 16h30

Orders must be picked up within 10 days.

Tasting room

Every Saturday from 1pm to 6pm.