The story of Brouwerij De Poes dates back to 2012. Stijn David, who has completed his training as a baker and dietician, decides to continue his passion for food – and for beer in particular. De Poes brewery sees the light of day in 2014 and owes its name to the brewer’s favorite pet. Since the very beginning, Stijn has been brewing beer in our brewing installations. In 2016 he installed his own microbrewery in Tielt with a capacity of 10 hectolitres. At the moment he always brews his beer himself, both in his microbrewery in Tielt and in our brewery.


Available in 33cl bottle and 75cl bottle

De Poes Blond

This is a blond, unfiltered, top-fermented beer, with secondary fermentation in the bottle. The beer is fruity with a light alcohol touch at the back of the tongue. By using a very high-quality bitter and aroma hop, we ensure that a bitterness is created that is nicely balanced. The herbs used provide the pleasant freshness and the reference to flowers and citrus.

De Poes Bruin

This is a traditional top-fermented brown beer. This beer is a dark wheat beer and mainly contains barley and wheat. The beer also contains a small amount of oats.


Available  in 33cl bottle and 75cl bottle

Available in 33cl bottle

De Poes export

This is a low fermentation blond beer. The beer is brewed according to the rules of the art – has a light barley taste and a typical aroma as can be expected from an EXPORT. De Poes Export is an ode to the formerly immensely popular Export beers of bottom fermentation – Type Dortmunder Pils.

De Poes houblon

This is a top-fermented blond beer. The beer is a pure barley beer with a mildly bitter aftertaste. Do not expect Indian Pale Ale with strong bitterness from this beer, but a balanced beer with an easy aftertaste and where we experiment with aroma hops grown on Belgian soil.

Available in 33cl bottle.

Available in 33cl bottle.

De Poes Speciale belge

This is a top-fermented amber beer. The beer is brewed with 100 % barley and hops grown on Belgian soil. Our amber beer has a light barley flavor and a typical hop aroma. De Poes Speciale Belge is an ode to the immensely popular amber colored beers in Belgium, Type Speciale Belge.

De Poes Foncée

This top-fermented brown beer is rich in flavour: chocolate, caramel, dark candy and red fruit. This beer also contains a local whiskey that pleasantly accentuates the taste.

Available in 33cl bottle.

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