The Kustbrouwerij, operated by Bart Verdonck, started in 2010 as a home brewery in Leffinge (Middelkerke). They experimented furiously and many styles, colors and flavors passed through the brew kettle and disappeared down thirsty throats.

A recipe was fine-tuned and while looking for typical regional ingredients (Duinroos or Rimpelroos) for the beer in the dunes of Middelkerke, Bart suddenly saw a fluffy animal with long ears diving into a hole: the Dunekeun (West Flemish for dune rabbit). ) was born.

After many successful experiments, Bart decided to go one step further in 2014 and to brew his beer in larger volumes in our brewery.


Available in 33cl botlle

Dunekeun goudblond

Dunekeun Goudblond is a full-bodied beer with a refreshing bitterness. The aftertaste leaves a subtle light acidity and leaves a pleasant aftertaste that makes you long for more…..

Dunekeun Bruin

Dunekeun Bruin is a tasty, strong brown beer with a nice balance between sweet, bitter and sour. A cloud of licorice and chocolate floats in the background.

Available in 33cl botlle

Available in 33cl botlle

Dunekeun TRipel

A powerful, full-bodied dark blond beer that derives its special taste from a 2-month maturation process. The unmistakable wood aromas and strong aftertaste give the beer its distinctive, robust character.

Dunekeun Winter

Dunekeun Winter is a dark pearl that helps soften long winter evenings. This very tasteful beer matures for 6 months and gets its special character from a loving embrace of aromatic wood and juniper. Only available from November to March and while stocks last.

Available in 33cl botlle

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